We're a group of friends based in San Francisco who love design. We love it so much we wish we could marry it. But instead, we'll take this design blog as an acceptable runner up. We're 5 guys and ladies that want to design something new and exciting every week. Each of us has a dedicated day, and with 5 of us that makes a full work week. If you enjoy our stuff, great! But really, we're doing this for us. 


Scott Brookshire

I'm a product designer at Eventbrite. Some of my favorite things include: design, breakfast at McDonalds, chocolate donuts, and well, breakfast in general . On my free time I enjoy watching scary movies and finding creative ways to justify eating breakfast all day.


Dribbble: @scottbrookshire


Ryan Jones

Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see


Dribbble: Give Me Dribbble


Theresa Ma

Theresa is a San Francisco based designer. She currently works at Fluid and tries to surround herself with as many inspired and talented individuals as possible.


Dribbble: @theresajma


Emilee Serafine

I'm just a small town girl trying to make it big in the city! Currently a product designer at Facebook, I spend most of my free time eating pepperoncinis and watching animal odd couple videos. 


Dribbble: probs will never get an invite.


Bruce Sullivan

Bruce is a San Francisco based designer & front-end developer. He’s incredibly passionate and loves to learn. He loves being with the people he cares about. And he loves crafting meaningful and beautiful experiences.


Dribbble: @bruceape